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Meet Team Breakthrough's Dynamic Duo

Article 6

Every now and then we get feedback from our members that inspires us so much that we feel that we have to share the news.  Upon hearing the great news from this dynamic dou, we asked them to be part of a Question and Answer style interview.  We hope that you are inspired as much as we were.

Q:   What are your names?


A:   Sharen and Nelson


Q:   What are your ages?


A:   Sharen 35, Nelson 40


Q:   Would you like to submit a profile picture for this interview?


A:   Maybe next time!


Q:   Do you have a Wellness person that you “Team With”, a Buddy, or Support Network?


A:   Yes, My husband and I are working together. It has made this journey much easier and very exciting!


Q:   What is you personal health assessment outlook?


A:   We were always conscience about our health and felt we were doing the best we could to stay healthy. I think both of us felt we were “kind of healthy”. Our recent blood work revealed that both of us were pre-diabetic and that Nelson’s cholesterol was a little high. This prompted us to pay more attention to what we eat.



Q:   What is your Health and Wellness Goal for 2013?


A:   In terms of weight: Sharen 125 lbs, Nelson 190 lbs. Our goal is also to maintain our weight loss as well as continue to make better, healthier food choices. We are hoping this is a life-long change and not temporary.


Q:   Why was this goal important?


A:   This goal is important to us because we want to set a good example for our three children. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that our bellies are flatter!


Q:   When did you start you new wellness journey?


A:   We started this journey on January 7th, 2013.


Q:   Did you take a before picture?


A:   No, but we regret not doing so!


Q:   Are you journaling your wellness journey?


A:   No, but it sounds like a good idea!


Q:   What Diet Plan are you following?




Q:   How strictly do you follow it?


A:   We try our very best to follow the diet and the recommended foods. So far, we have been pretty good! The most difficult thing is following the times we are supposed to eat because of our work schedule, but we try to make it work.


Q:   What is your Exercise Plan?


A:   Nelson is running 4 miles about 3 times a week (range 3-4 per week). I find it difficult to work out, but I have been taking the stairs at work and also don’t mind parking my car further away. I also jump rope while I watch television (range 1-2 per week).


Q. How do you think you all are doing?


A:   We are very happy with our progress!


Q:   What is your current goal status?


A:   Nelson has lost 14 pounds and I have lost 7 pounds!


Q:   How do you feel now?


A:   We feel great! We are extremely motivated to continue this journey and even find that we have more energy after work!


Q:   What is working for you?


A:   I think that fact that my husband and I are doing it together helps. Also, having snacks between our meals helps us not to eat like savages during meals. J


Q:   What is not working for you?


A:   We have a hard time keeping up with the recommended times we are supposed to have our meals.


Q:   What advice would you give other Team Breakthrough Members?


A:   This diet is realistic and that’s what we like about it. We really don’t feel like we are dieting and as the weeks pass by, it get so much easier! We no longer crave eating junk foods, but get really excited when we see lasagna or pizza (week 4, lol) as one of our food choices!


Q:   What is your Team Breakthrough Phrase (Motto)? Or what helps you get through the tough periods day?


A:   “It’s only six weeks of our lives…How hard can that be?”


Q:   How can Team Breakthrough better serve you?


A:   It would be great to hear how everyone else is doing!


Thank you Dr. Reed!

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