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Team Breakthrough Launching

Happy New Year!

On behalf of MS Family Medicine, I would like to thank everyone for attending our book signing event featuring Dr. Ian Smith.

Inspired by our patients and friends MS Family Medicine is launching its own wellness program, formally known as "Team Breakthrough".


Together over the next year we at MS Family are committed to using this new wellness initiative to helping individuals achieve better overall health and wellness.  Our goal is to assist you in breaking through the wall of obstacles and excuses that have prevented them from achieving optimum health in the past.


Team Breakthrough is an "opt in" community based program for patients and friends of MS Family.  We believe that a positive support community will help to encourage, motivate and inspire members to achieve their personal wellness goals.


In addition, select MS Family Medicine Staff will be participating with you as members of Team Breakthrough.  For those of you who are patients, MS Family will continue providing comprehensive preventative care, by monitoring your vitals and overall progress.


The first phase of our wellness program, focuses on improving our health outlook through proper weight loss.  In most situations, we have found that most of our patients' health conditions would significantly improve if they engaged in some form of weight loss program and/or exercise. We have chosen Dr. Ian Smith's Diet "SHRED" to be our weight loss program.  If you choose a different program, its OK, just let us know and we will work with you.


Team Breakthrough, will kick off its wellness program on Monday, January 7, 2013 as we start Dr. Smith's SHRED program. Over the next six weeks we will use "food confusion" and exercise to achieve a healthier weight.


By the way, for those of you who are fans of radio personality Steve Harvey, he is starting shred on Monday, January 7th, as well.

If you need a survey and a copy of SHRED please email me and we will send you our Survey and Book (while supplies last).

Please, stay tuned.... as you will receive receive further information and instruction via email over the next few days.


2013 is your year, your breakthrough to a brand new you!!!


Again Welcome to Team Breakthrough.


Dr. Michele C. Reed

MS Family Medicine

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