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Please accept this invitation, to join our health and wellness program called Team Breakthrough. Team Breakthrough was inspired by friends of MS Family Medicine (such as yourself).  The purpose is to provide its members health and wellness information, resources, and team support generally not covered under most insurances health plans. 


Our first phase of the wellness plan was to educate and get our members thinking healthier in terms of their daily diet.  To kick start this effort we hosted a discussion and book signing at the Uniondale Public Library, introducing Dr. Ian Smith and his revolutionary new diet entitled "SHRED".  Based on the response we received from those in attendance, the launch program was a success.


If your New Years resolution was to lose weight, exercise more, be stress free, or just a little bit healthier, than maybe we can help.  You got nothing to loose, except a few pounds and some stress.


Rachel Ray Show

Please tune in to the Rachael Ray Show on Thursday (1/24/13) at 10 am EST on ABC for a segment which will show Dr. Michele C. Reed and MS Family Medicine.

How to Join Team Breakthrough


There is no cost, all we ask is that you fill out the following survey, and authorize us to contact you. If you don't want to join please help to make the Team Breakthrough program better by filling out the survey and check the box opting out of Team Breakthrough.  Survey (click here)





Dr. Michele C. Reed

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